Will it hurt?!

We won't lie to you - complete waxing virgins are likely to experience some discomfort, yes. If you have regularly shaved the area to be waxed in the past or have particularly thick or coarse hair, then the discomfort may be greater than for someone with finer hair.

We can absolutely promise you, however, that the first time is the worst! You would not believe how much more comfortable a wax is once you are waxing regrowth (e.g. 4 – 6 weeks after your previous wax). From then on, it’s a breeze – after all, why would people keep coming back otherwise?! Also, it's totally worth it!

It’s also worth mentioning that you’re not going to get a wax that hurts less than with us! We have learnt from the best in the business, celebrity waxer Kim Lawless. Her technique consists of skill and speed to ensure the most comfortable, rewarding wax.

The top quality brand of wax we use (Perron Rigot) also helps. For example, before applying the wax, we put oil onto the skin as a barrier, so that the wax attaches only to the hair instead of the skin, unlike most other brands of wax.

All of these factors really do combine to give an experience that is usually far more comfortable than people expect it to be! (If you're still not convinced, take a paracetamol 30 mins prior to the appointment).