Will I have to take my knickers/boxers off?

If you are having a Brazilian or Hollywood wax then yes you will need to remove your undies (this applies to men and women) so please leave your modesty at the door. Likewise for certain other male intimate waxes, e.g. back, sack and crack. Don't be shy, you want the best results, right?!

For other types of bikini waxes – e.g. G-string and basic bikini waxes for the ladies and speedo waxes for the men – we will ask you to keep your knickers/boxers on. For all eyebrow waxes, legs/backs/chests etc, you should be fine to keep your pants on!

Please note that we do not provide paper pants. Like normal underwear, these simply slow us down and may mean that we may not be able to remove all of hair from all nooks and crannies.