Why should I get waxed?


You should get waxed because it makes you feel good! This is usually because you like the look and feel of smooth, hair-free skin. Most people report to feeling cleaner, fresher and increased sensitivity in the nether regions! These are all reasons why most people opt for waxing as it boosts their confidence, even if no-one else will ever know!

The results of waxing last far longer than shaving, and result in finer, weaker regrowth as opposed to strong, stubbly shaving regrowth. Waxing is cheaper than IPL and Laser and the results are clearer. By this, we mean that once the hair has been waxed, you know for certain that it’s not going to grow back for 4 – 6 weeks, as opposed to so-called permanent hair removal methods, which you can pay the earth for only to find that within a few years, the hair has come back.