Which products can I use on my intimate areas?


This is a great question, and one which you should pay close attention to, as using the wrong products on your intimate areas could lead to significant discomfort and irritation.

We use and sell the best and most effective products that are specially formulated to be used on delicate and sensitive areas. These include exfoliators, moisturisers, shower washes and gels, all of which will help look after, soothe and calm the area you get waxed, as well as helping to prevent ingrown hairs. 

We recommend enquiring about these products during your appointment for us to offer you the best solutions. We’d also strongly advise against using any old scrub/cream from the back of your bathroom cabinet to use before and after your wax due to bacteria. The fact is that the vast majority of exfoliators and moisturisers shouldn’t be used on intimate areas, and doing so could sting in the short term and lead to longer-term irritation and skin upsets which are then hard to clear up.