So exactly where will you be removing hair from and how will you get to it?

A Hollywood/ Brazilian wax involves the removal of all pubic hair (apart from a strip/triangle on top of your pubic bone if a Brazilian is chosen). For women, this means all hair removed from their undercarriage (labia) and around the back (anus). For men, it means all hair removed from their scrotum and anus. The Brazilian landing strip left on top of your pubic bone can be as thick or thin as you like – we will ask you how much hair you would like leaving on top when she gets to that part of the wax. We usually measure the Brazilian landing strip in finger widths if you choose to keep any, but most don't!

We use the Kim Lawless technique to ensure you get the best results, virtually pain-free and to ensure your treatment is complete before you know it. We may at times ask for your help to stretch and pull certain bits of skin taut (which will ensure minimal discomfort).

Our approach is back to front - we will remove all hair from the butt crack, and cheeks if there is any visible hair, then turn you over to work on the front.