How long will my wax take?


This all depends what exactly you’re having done and the extent of your hair coverage, but we guarantee that you’ll be amazed by our efficiency. As a general guideline for regular clients, we’d allow 10 minutes for your average basic bikini wax or brow wax, 20 minutes for a half leg wax, 30 minutes for a full leg wax and 30 minutes for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax. First-time clients who are not regularly waxed may need to allow a little longer, and you also need to account for the time it takes you to get dressed and undressed and pay/book your next appointment.

We should also point out that quick is not always good! Some waxing salons boast of being able to carry out a Brazilian/Hollywood wax in 10 -15 minutes. This is entirely possible, but they will be doing it using strip wax (as opposed to the far more superior non-strip wax that we use for all intimate waxes) and their strips will be very large. The larger the strip = more hair pulled out in one go = more pain! We deliberately apply the wax in smaller strips, because this is going to be most comfortable for you!