How long should my hair be before I book my first wax (and how long is too long)?


We only use the highest quality wax which means that we can reach the shorter, finer hairs better than most other waxes. That being said, we still advise a minimum of 4 weeks’ regrowth to get the best results. If you have removed the hair via waxing/shaving/plucking or any other way any less than 4 weeks ago, then please bear in mind that although we may still be able to carry out your wax, you are likely to get some regrowth quite soon after your treatment. We advise that you do not book an appointment if you removed your hair less than 3 weeks ago.

Worried that your hair (especially your pubic hair) may be too long for a wax? Don’t! If it needs trimming down, we will do this for you as part of your treatment, so please don’t attempt this at home or you might take it too short! It's all part of the service.