How do I prevent ingrown hairs?


You prevent ingrown hairs by following our aftercare advice. Moisturising and exfoliating before and after treatment is our recommendation. Ingrown hairs usually occur when the hairs are prevented from growing through thick, dry skin and so they get trapped under the surface. By exfoliating regularly to remove any dead skin, and moisturising daily in order to keep the skin supple, ingrown hairs won’t be a problem for most clients. Note that ingrown hairs are often caused by poor therapist technique, whereby the hair is snapped off instead of being pulling out from the root, which could be one reason why you’ve suffered from them in the past.

Some clients, however, do still suffer from ingrown hairs even when they follow our aftercare advice. In this instance, we sell a specialist ingrown hair solution which will sort the problem out in no time. These ingrown hair solutions are also great for men who suffer from nasty shaving rashes/bumps around their beardlines.