Help, I’m a waxing virgin! What do I need to know?

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my wax?

How long should my hair be before I book my first wax (and how long is too long)?

Will I have to take my knickers/boxers off?

So exactly where will you be removing hair from and how will you get to that hair…?

Isn't it quite embarrassing for us both?

Will it hurt?!

What if I get my period?

Do I need to do anything after my wax?

When should I come back for another wax?

I've got very sensitive skin, will this be a problem?

When do I have to pay in advance at the time of booking?

What sort of wax do you use?

Do I need to book an appointment in advance?

What's the best way to book an appointment?

What are your opening hours?

What's your cancellation and appointment change policy?

I'm running late for my wax, what should I do?

How long will my wax take?

Can I purchase a course of treatments?

Are there any products I can use to stop or reduce hair growth?

Which products can I use on my intimate areas?

Will my skin be sore afterwards?

How do I prevent ingrown hairs?


Can I have a wax if I'm pregnant?

Why should I choose Love Francesca for my wax over other salons?

Why should I get waxed?

Do you have any age restrictions in place?

How can I pay?