Are there any products I can use to stop or reduce hair growth?


Hair growth inhibitors (also called a hair retardant) can be an extremely effective way of significantly reducing the amount of regrowth in a specific area. Thalgo’s Biodepyl 3.1 is a topical solution which contains the active ingredient Capislow. Capislow has been proven to result in regrowth up to 2 times slower, resulting in a reduction of up to 55% in body hair. It has also been proven to result in fewer and sparcer hairs per cm2, while the hairs that do grow back are finer and softer.

Biodepyl 3.1 is available in both concentrate and gel formulas, depending on which body area you plan to use it on.

Please note that the use of this product will not permanently stop all hair in growing back in the area you use it on, but instead will notably discourage growth when used in conjunction with waxing.