About Us

What Is Love Francesca?

My job is to make you look and feel fabulous! I specialise in waxing, specifically male and female intimate waxing. 

I offer a range of options, all of which are designed to make you feel your very best!

How Is Love Francesca Different?

I have been personally trained by the best in the business - Celebrity waxer, Kim Lawless aka 'The Wax Queen'. The Kim Lawless technique ensures every hair is removed, virtually pain free.

Only the highest quality Perron Rigot wax products are used - strictly hot wax only for intimate waxing leaving no hair spared! The wax "shrink wraps" the hair, removing hair and its root with no damage to the skin.

Male and female waxing available.

Why Choose Love Francesca?

I'm passionate about what I do, and a complete perfectionist! I will work my magic and you will get your best wax yet!

I appreciate my loyal customers and like to reward them for returning to me. That's why you'll get a loyalty card and collects stamps for each visit. On your 6th visit you'll receive a free treatment, on me, as a thank you (T&C's apply).

 I am a mobile therapist with flexible hours to suit you. 


Male Waxing

You probably think that a therapist who can wax a woman would be able to wax a man too don't you? Wrong.

It's not offered by all salons as additional qualifications are required to perform these waxes. This is nothing to do with gender, but simply because men have different parts which need to be handled appropriately.